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Mexican cuisine is mostly based on Native Americans' tradition. The country's long history of migration and colonization brought the spices and various cooking styles we enjoy today. Similar to other authentic food, Mexican cuisine is based on ethnic, climate and geographical location. Exotic food known as comida hispanica (Hispanic food) also prominent cooked in Maya or Aztec styles are very prominent cuisines. People who love to eat exotic food prefer authentic Mexican food. From shrimps to chicken to exotic animals like iguana and snakes, Mexicans cook these foods well. As a restaurant owner, it is important to consider these factors when you want to build or maintain a Mexican restaurant:

1. Know Mexican culture by heart. Mexico is culturally and ethnically divided. Many generations have passed cravings for beef tacos, cheese encheladas and tamales and it has continued for decades. Make sure that as a restaurateur, you have the three foods available in your restaurant.

2. Hire a Mexican cook if possible. If none is available, make sure that your chef is highly trained for Mexican cuisine and can cook even the exotic menus for your Mexican food lovers.

3. Music is an endearing contributor to a Mexican's life. Make sure that the restaurant has the Mexican ballads to create that authentic Mexican restaurant mood.

4. Staffs need to really friendly. Staffs who can speak Spanish well are commended. Remember that more than half of the United States population are Spanish-speaking individuals. It means that staffs who can communicate in Spanish is a plus factor for a Mexican restaurant like yours.

5. Identify your restaurant specialty. If you prefer just authentic Mexican restaurant, make sure that you have various menus available for your customers. If you prefer serving exotic food, determine if your cook can really achieve that fascinating Mexican delicacy out of exotic animals. Further, have enough stock of Mexican ingredients.

6. Remember that location is a plus factor in the success of your restaurant. Make sure that your location is visible and populated. Survey the area if possible. Check how many restaurants are there in the area and if there is a competitive Mexican restaurant like yours. You may also want to check if there are Mexicans living within the community.

Mexican cuisine is mostly cooked with varied flavor and decoration. Spices are great contributors according to ones' preference but Mexicans just love the spices. In a single eating package, Mexican food is all just that—colors, spices, flavor and distinctive. Keep these in your menu and you can be sure that your Mexican restaurant is a sure hit like salsa!


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