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The Power Of The Grapevine: Pushing The Limits Of Word Of Mouth

If you know the power of gossip, then you're pretty much aware of the power the grapevine holds. A good rumor will expand to becoming a great rumor, while a bad rumor from the beginning will likely turn ugly as time passes. But regardless of however you see the moral and ethical value of gossip, you are certainly aware of the potency of the word of mouth. In fact, many professionals and entrepreneurs swear by the efficacy of word of mouth. You can look at word of mouth contributing to almost 35% of sales in the fast-food industry, which accounts for a lot more than the advertisements you put up on the highways or on television.

You can make use of this very potent tool in order to find solid real estate leads. It begins with efficiency and care for your existing customers. Obviously, they won't refer you to a friend or an associate if they are not satisfied with the service you offer them. Understand that referrals from your client are backed up by their own credibility to their acquaintances, and they will not be willing to stand behind below-par service.

Therefore, don't be afraid to cultivate meaningful relationships with your clients. By making sure your clients are satisfied with the service you already provide them, you are increasing the chances of you being mentioned over lunch or coffee to another potential lead. Because people who are on the receiving end of this referral trust from your client as it is, it won't be very difficult for you to gain leads through a solid referral.

Moreover, should you want to be more active in your pursuit for leads, don't be afraid to ask your client if they have friends or associates who would be interested in your service. Again, if you have a meaningful business relationship with your clients, they'd be more than willing to almost automatically provide you with a contact number of a friend who'd be interested in availing your services or your real estate property. By making this request to be referred explicit, it's going to create an impetus for your client to mention you once in a while in his or her circles.

Give your clients an extra card or two with your contact information. This way, when he or she brings your real estate venture up or happens to be in the company of one who is looking for a real estate service, he or she would have something tangible to provide to the person she is referring to you. This creates greater probability of a call rather than when he or she simply mentions you, which increases the likelihood of not providing your contact details to the interested party.

Referrals allow for you to gain leads via the trust and confidence of a current client with you. Build a meaningful relationship and enjoy the benefits of client referrals.


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