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Tips On Buying Your Own Clubs

Golf is a very addicting game mainly because you’re both relaxed and also in a competitive mood. You’re having fun, shooting at your own slow pace and now you’ve decided to start taking the game seriously. You want to improve your game, do things correctly. First thing you have to do is buy clubs. Here are some tips when buying golf clubs.

Create Your Own Club

Clubs can be custom-fitted according to your needs. One thing to remember is that it’s all about measurements. You should know your height and the length from your wrist to the floor. Average players stand 5 feet 2 inches high and have wrist-to-floor measurements of about 34 inches. They will use the standard length of a club. Consult your club dealer about it if you’re taller or shorter than that or if your wrist-to-floor measurement is not of average proportions.

You should also let someone test your swing speed. Regular male swing speed is about 75-84 mph and will need a 5 or 6 iron. Regular female swing speed is slower, around 60 mph. A 3 iron or wood would be best suited to help you.

Remember that all players should use standard golf clubs unless you are obviously shorter or taller than an average player. Standard measurements give an average player more distance and accuracy.

Choosing the Right Shafts

Should you use steel or graphite shafts? The thing to remember is that steel shafts are heavier than the graphite ones. Men in their mid 50’s or younger are advised to use steel and just go to graphite once their swing speed has slowed. Women of all ages are advised to use graphite for its lighter weight to compensate for their slower swing speed.

Maintain Your Clubs

Buying your golf clubs does not end there. Proper maintenance is required on your clubs. You should try to regrip it from time to time. This is to prevent your clubs from becoming loose. This will help you from buying again and again because your clubs are worn out.

Just remember that golf equipment also have their measurements. Ignorance of this has led many golfers to believe that the more expensive the golf club is, the better they will play. It’s more about how comfortable you are with your clubs and the way you regularly maintain them that matters.


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