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Driving In The Green

When playing golf, it is quite difficult to carry a bag with the different clubs even with the company of a caddy. This is because the bag weighs a lot and of course, be it 18 or 36 holes, is a long walk. It is a good thing that there are golf carts to get from one hole to another which will save the person time and energy especially if one is playing for a lot of money in a golf tournament.

The first golf car was launched in 1962 and since then has made some modifications. The traditional golf car is a battery powered 2- seater that comes with a hood and has a small baggage compartment for the golf bag in the back.

If one is interested in getting one, here are a few things that a person must know;

1. Golf cars may not be as expensive as the real car but one still has to shell out some money to get a unit. Since such models are not usually sold in dealer lots like regular cars, one can check golf specialty stores that may have a unit on hand or can check these out online and the various models available, then purchase it and have it delivered in a few days.

Some people prefer to customize the golf car to make it stand out. After telling the dealer what kind of golf car the person wants, it can be made in a few days and delivered for the person to use and have fun with in the green.

2. Golf lovers don’t have to buy a golf car if that person will not use it often. If the individual just plays during weekends, one can just rent one from the club when one decides to play golf.

3. Some people feel better owning a golf car. If that person can’t afford a new one, then one should just settle for a used golf car.

4. Golf cars come in different sizes. Depending on how many people will be playing, one can get a unit that can accommodate more than two people instead of the conventional one, making the person save money on renting an additional unit.

5. Golf cars can be driven in various road conditions. By selecting the right model depending on the terrain, one will not have a problem while driving on the green.


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