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A Camper's To-do List

A great summer getaway with the family is spending days at a campsite, taking pleasure from Mother Nature: the scenery, the flowers and the wildlife. While being excited for the whole trip, it is most important to prepare for the best, and the worst, things that nature can give us.

The ultimate camper's check list should be categorized into the following items: Personals, Camping Essentials, First Aid Kit, Clothing, Children and Baby Supplies, Sleeping, Kitchen Utensils and Equipments, Camping Fire and Before-Leaving-Home List.

1. Personals would include grooming and hygiene kit such as shampoo, soap, insect repellant (which one cannot do without!), toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant, towels, toilet paper, lip balm, sun block, sun glasses and a trusty sewing kit.

2. Camping Essentials would include driver's license, money, ID card, map, compass, flashlights and battery packs, lantern, bulbs, water, rope, clothespin, clothesline, radio, canteen, clock, camera, lots of film, binoculars, lounge chair, foldable table, tent repair gear, pocket knife and a lighter.

3. A good First Aid Kit should have the necessary medicines for fever, headaches, flu, allergy and stomach ulcer. Antibiotics cream, antiseptic and band aids for wound. Tweezers should also be there to take out splinters. Pocket tissues are advisable.

4. Clothing should include a cozy pairs of sweat pants and shirt, sweater, thermals, gloves, jacket, pants, underwear, socks of varying thickness, pajamas, swimsuit, t-shirts, tank tops, bandannas, hats, sandals, sneakers and hiking boots.

5. Children and Baby Supplies depends on the child that will go camping. Babies would need lots of baby food, milk, bottles, pacifier, diapers and baby wipes, bibs, spoons, high chair, blankets, play pen, stuffed toys, stroller, tub and books, For bigger kids, games for rainy days and for traveling, toys, pencils, crayons, paper, bucket and shovel, Frisbees, kites and magazines are essential,

6. Sleeping gear would include the tent, poles, mallet, ground cloth, sleeping bags, mattress, pillows, blankets, air pump, rope and stakes.

7. Kitchen Utensils and Equipments would consist of food container, insulator for frozen food, pots and pans, stove, fuel, matches or lighter, disposable plates and utensils, bowls, mugs, coffee pot, thermos, aluminum foil, dish towel, spatula, tongs, bottle and can opener, knife, dish soap, sponge, trash bags, zip lock bags, table cloth and skewers for campfire barbecuing or marshmallow toasting.

8. Camping Fire Checklist would include the kindling, matches, newspaper, fire extinguisher, shovel, ax, wood and the campfire permit.

9. The Before-Leaving-Home List includes locking of all the doors and windows, turning off all the lights and appliances such as the computer, adjusting the thermostat, holding of all mails, watering of plants and making pet arrangements.

With these filled-up, the trip will surely be a blast!


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