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How To Have A Better Small Game Hunting Season

Small game hunting is the classification of game hunting which includes small animals such as rabbits, quail, ducks, and birds. To hunt legally a hunting license is required for most species. One small game license may cover all game species but have daily or yearly bag limits. The hunter should check with the local government about the licensing before hunting in a particular location.

Whether you are a novice or a professional hunter, understanding the habitat of these animals can improve the numbers of game you bag in a particular season.

Understanding Animal Habitats

All species have their own habitat: this includes the food, water, shelter and space that they need in order to survive. Each animal has different habitat requirements. Wolves, for example, need a wide area of undisturbed forest, while chipmunks like to live in woodland burrows under rocks and logs.

Knowing the preferred habitat of these small animals will give the hunter a better chance of finding and hunting them...

Let us identify the habitats of some of these animals for small game hunting.

- Doves. Doves prefer to stay in agricultural areas because these places areas can provide bountiful food for them. However, there are also some seasons where you will find opportunities to hunt doves in the desert areas when water and seeds are available in sufficient quantities.

- Quail. Quail may be difficult to spot in some seasons as they may still be nesting. Quails thrive in places where there is significant rainfall. Some river drainage areas also provide decent quail hunting opportunities.

- Rabbits. Cottontail rabbits can be found most often in low and mid-elevation areas. Rabbits like thick brush and tangled masses of briars. They can also be found in desert washes.

- Tree Squirrels. Squirrels thrive mostly in places with abundant food sources, including pine mast, acorns and mushrooms. Red squirrels are usually found in mixed conifer and spruce forests. They can easily be located by their


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